Korea Visas

What you need

If you are planning on teaching in Korea, you will need to get an E1 or an E2 Visa. These are legal working visas for English teachers. English professors working at educational institutes higher than a junior college, need an E-1 Visa while those working as conversation instructors, require an E-2 Visa.

Obtaining the E1, E2 Visa

Option 1: In your home country, complete the visa process through mail or in-person with Korean embassies or consulates in your home country.

Option 2: A country other than Korea, if you have taught in Korea on a E1, E2 or E3 visa you can process your new visa through a Korean Consulate in another country such as Japan.

Obtaining a Teaching Visa in your Country

Step 1: Find an employer. This can be done by posting your resume on esljobproject.com and applying for posted jobs by email or phone. Once you have a found a job, the contract details have been negotiated and the contract has been signed by you and your employer, the visa process begins.

Step 2: Prepare the following documents for mail:

a) Original diploma or copy notarized by a lawyer and by the Korean embassy or consulate in your country b) Contract signed by the employer and employee c) University transcripts, in a sealed official university envelope. d) Copy of your resume e) Copy of your passport information page f) Two or three passport-size photos g) If you are Canadian, criminal background check record Apostilled by the Korean Consulate is required. All other nationalities require a criminal background check Apostilled by your government.

Additional E2 Visa Criminal Check Details Canadian Teachers – Issued by the RCMP or the Provincial Police within last 3 months – Includes VULNERABLE SECTOR SEARCH – Notarized on the original criminal record check by a public notary. – Confirmation from a Korean Consulate

All Other Nationalities – Issues by the Federal/Provincial Police within last 3 months – Includes VULNERABLE SECTOR SEARCH – Notarized original criminal record check by Apostille

h) All applicants are required to attend an interview at a Korean consulate by consul, except those who previously worked with an E1, E2, E3 visa in Korea without any illegal activities.

Send these documents to your employing school by courier mail, such as FEDEX, DHL or UPS.

Step 3: Your employer will complete this step. Your employer needs to get a confirmation of visa issuance from the proper local immigration office in Korea. They will need the following documents: documents from the teacher (see above), employment contract, registration certificate of school, statement or purpose and sponsorship guarantee form.

Once your employer receives the confirmation of visa issuance, they should send it to you through courier mail.

Step 4: Now you need to get your passport stamped with the E1 or E2 Visa. This can be done by mail or in person.* It is always a good idea to call the nearest Korean consulate for the latest details before sending out your documents.

By mail: Mail the confirmation or visa issuance, your passport, letter of purpose (simply tell them what you want done) and a self addressed stamped envelope to the closest Korean embassy or consulate in your country.

In Person: Bring the confirmation or visa issuance and your passport to the closest Korean embassy or consulate in your country

You will now have a stamped passport with an issued 12 month teaching visa.

Step 5: Once in Korea, you will have to to do a medical check that includes a test for TBPE, Cannabiniod, HIV and you will need to register at a local immigration office to obtain a residence permit within 90 days of entry. Your employer will help with this procedure.

IMPORTANT: This is a guideline ONLY. It is very important to coordinate the visa process with your employer and the Korean Embassy or Consulates in your country.

Date Article Created: 02.22.2009

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