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How to get a Z Visa and Resident Permit in China

To legally teach in China, you will need a Z visa to enter the country and to begin the process of obtaining a resident permit. However, getting a legal working visa in China can be a difficult and seemingly ever-changing procedure. This is why we have assembled a guideline to assist teachers in gaining information from their employing school and to help them with directing their inquiries to Chinese embassies and consulates. By following this guideline, acquiring a legal teaching visa for China should be a smooth procedure.

The Z Visa

Getting a Z visa is the first step to becoming legally employed as a teacher in China. In order to obtain this visa, the following requirements must be met. You must have an invitation from your school; a copy of your diploma; a locally obtained health check for absence of HIV, drug use, TB and other things; and passport photos. Your school will process these forms. You can obtain your visa before or after you enter China. However, it has been recommended that you acquire the Z visa before leaving your home country.

Obtaining the Z Visa

Step 1: Visit a Chinese embassy and get a Z-class application form and medical check form. Complete the forms.

Step 2: You will need to go to a government-approved hospital to get a medical check. This involves an x-ray and blood work. Have the doctor fill in the Chinese medical check form, sign and stamp it.

Step 3: You must fax or mail these forms directly to the school. With these documents, a school can obtain a letter of invitation. This procedure takes 7-10 days.

Step 4: When you receive the letter of invitation take it and the Z-class application forms to the Chinese embassy. They will give you a Z-class ENTRY visa.

Resident Permit

The Z visa allows you to enter China and it will allow you to obtain a Resident Permit. The Resident Permit, or “Green Book”, is very important as it allows you to legally teach English in China. Your employer should help you apply for the Resident Permit after you have arrived in China on a Z visa. The Resident Permit is valid for 12 months. It dictates the time period which you may legally work in China and the expiration date defines when you have to leave China.

Obtaining a resident Permit

To obtain a Resident Permit, you must have a valid passport, be over the age of 18, and hold a number of important documents. These include, but are not limited to, a medical report, your credentials (diploma, resume, transcript), a letter of intention for employment and a report of reasons for employment. Your employer will assist you with this procedure. Your employer will provide documents stating your accepted employment and they will submit your documents to the Chinese authorities in order to get you a Resident Permit.

Date Article Created: 07.13.2008

IMPORTANT: This is a guideline ONLY. It is very important to coordinate the visa process with your employer and the Chinese Embassy or Consulates.

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