Teaching English in Taiwan

In the Republic of China (Taiwan) most English teachers work in cram schools known locally as bushibans or buxibans. Some are part of chains like Hess and Kojen; others are independently operated. Other areas of employment include Universities, Public Schools, private tutoring and teaching Business English in-house. Although illegal, a large number of english teachers are employed in kindergartens or preschools. Monthly pay is around the USD $2,000 mark. End of contract bonuses equivalent to an extra month’s pay are not mandated by law as they are in Korea, and are uncommon in Taiwan. English teachers in Taiwan find life to be quite easy. Also, Taiwan seems to be somewhat underrated in terms of tourism and living conditions. With large cities with bright lights and lively street markets down the west coast, authentic Chinese festivals, holidays, buildings and temples, white sand beaches in the south and breathtaking mountain scenery on the east coast, Taiwan as much to offer the English teacher in terms of living conditions and traveling opportunities.

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