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ESL Job Project is a job board for English teachers seeking opportunities to teach English abroad. We are dedicated to providing the ESL teaching community with a reliable source for ESL teaching jobs, teacher recruitment, and related information on teaching careers abroad.

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We’re Growing!

So much in fact, we had to make this upgrade to our job board due increases in traffic!

ESL Job Project started in 2004 and has been steadily growing since. This is our 3rd upgrade/redesign in just over 10 years. We are very proud to be serving the ESL community and plan to continue doing so for years to come. We have well over 10,000 members and there is no sign of slowing down.

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Job Postings are Moderated

New ESL jobs are posted on ESL Job Project daily. All jobs are moderated for quality and authenticity before being made public.

ESL Jobs Search Made Easy

With hundreds of jobs posted every month it can be challenging to drill down listings to a perfect match. Options on ESL Job Project to search/browse jobs, sign up for job alerts and job bookmarking/sharing all make for an effective job search.

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Upload Your Resume

Upload your resume and let us do the job search for you!

It’s fast, it’s secure and opens up teaching opportunities that may not be posted. Employers are constantly reviewing teacher resumes searching for the right fit. Some schools would rather conduct a search themselves than have hundreds of applications to review and consider. These are typically the best positions available, so don’t miss out and post your resume now.

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Teacher Recruitment

Easily recruit English teachers from native English speaking countries through ESL Job Project

We have the features you need to successfully search and find the ESL English teacher that is best suited to your school or company. Post jobs (FREE!) and browse resumes (FREE!). If you need more exposure for your ads, premium ads will help increase the number of views to your job ad and bring in more qualified applicants.

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